Lithops vallis-mariae (Dint.&Schwant.) N.E. Brown 1924

An all Namibian species which can be recognized by the wrinkled surface. Growing betwteen Berseba and Marienthal. The plants are not easy to grow well. They sometimes forget to change leaves and need the driest of winter and the hottest of summer. Somebody has tried to rename these plants as Dinteranthus. I fail to see that mainly based on seed characteristics.
kaart vallis mariaezaden

vallis mariae C 281vallis-mariae C 281
Lithops vallis-mariae C 281 15 km E of Mariental type location

vallis-mariae C 066lithops vallis-mariae C 066
Lithops vallis-mariae C 066  20 km E of Gibeon Station

vlithops mariae vallis-mariae C 238
lithops vallis-mariae C 238
Lithops vallis-mariae C 238  85 km NE of Keetmanshoop

lithops vallis mariae C 296

Lithops vallis-mariae C 296  40 km SSE of Koes
lithops vallis-mariae C 166

Lithops vallis mariae 110 km NNE Keetmanshoop

lithops valley-mariae valley grl

Lithops vallis-mariae 'Valley Girl'