Lithops salicola L. Bol (1936)

Lithops salicola is one of the easiest to grow and flower. It's distribution is in a rough region between Kraankuil, Kalkfontein and Petrusville. They grow often in brackish pan (lower places which store water after rains) and low ridges around those pans. The variation withion a population is often as big as the variation between populations which resulst in a lot of Cole-numbers but no subspecies or varieties.
Lithops salicola will live forever and even can flower on the windowsill.
kaartSalicola seeds

Lithops salicola L.Bol (1936)
salicola salicola flowers
Lithops salicola
C 086C 86
Lithops salicola C 086 maculate form 35 km SE Hopetown

salicola PV632
salicola F168I
Lithops salicola PV 632 Hopetown-Rennekenspan
Lithops salicola F 168I Kalkpan
salicola BJ280

Lithops salicola BS280 Kraankuil

Lithops  salicola CV "Sato's Violet" (Bachus)

Lihops salicola "Malachite"
Lithops salicola "Supermac"