Lithops otzeniana Nel (1937)
Type location is near Farm Brakfontein 45 km NW of Loerisfontein. Populations are found on an area of 20 km long and 10 km wide. In culture I do not see much difference between populations. Variation within a location is as big as variation between populations. Lithops otzeniana is not difficult to grow as long as the watering is kept under control. I consider this the most beautiful Lithops.


C 128
Lithops otzeniana C 128 35 km NW Loeriesfontein type location

C 350C 350 bloem
Lithops otzeniana C 350 40 km NNW Loeriesfontein

PV 738BPV 738B
Lithops otzeniana PV 738B Brakfontein

lithops otzeniana SH 531

Lithops otzeniana SH 531 E of Brakfontein

aquamarineczeski granat
Lithops otzeniana "Aquamarine" Lithops otzeniana "Czeski's Granat"