Lithops optica (Marloth) N. E. Brown (1910)

Lithops optica iis a Namibian coastal species stretching from North of Luderitz to 60 km North-west of Oranjemund. This species receives almost no rain but the incomming fog from the ocean is replacing this. It is flowering very late in the season. Especially the northern forms do rarely open their flowers in culture due to the lack of sun. The species is best known for the famous "Rubra"form which is found in nature near Luderitz.
This is not the easiest Lithops to grow well. Some treat it almost as a Conophytum for best results

kaartoptica seeds

Lithops optica (Martloth) N.E. Brown (1910
optica salicola flowers
Lithops optica H 4707
lithops optica C 307

Lithops optica C 307 170 km SSE of Luderitz

lithops optica C 310
lithopes optica C 310
Lithops optica C 310 160 km SSE Luderitz

Lithops optica C 311
Lithops optica C 311 maculate form 45 km SE Luderitz

Lithops optica C 291

Lithops optica C 291 maculate form 100 km SSE Luderitz

lithops optica rubra C 287optica rubra C 287
Lithops optica  cv "Rubra"  ex  C 287 10 km SW Luderitz