Lithops olivaceae

This species is located around Aggeneys . The var. neobrownii on one location in the South West corner of the distribution range. The difference between the var. olivacea and neobrownii is in my opinion not clear within the current available material in cultivation. L. olivaceae is an easy Lithops to grow.

C 055
Lithops olivacea C 055 25 km SW of Pofadder

Lithops olivaceae Aggeneys

Lithops olivaceae Aggeneys

PV 992

Lithops olivaceae PV 992 20 km S of Pofadder

olivaceae SB 1560 Samoep
Lithops olivaceae SB 1560 Samoep

Lithops olivacea var neobrownii  Cole (1988)
C 162BC 162B
Lithops olivacea var. neobrownii C 162B 70 km WSW Pofadder type location
olivaceae neobrownii C 162B

Lithops olivaceae var. neobrownii C 162B

red olive
Lithops olivaceae "Red Olive"