Lithops divergens  L, Bolus (1934)
Lithops divergens var. divergens is growing on the Knersvlakte North of Vanrhynsdorp. the var. amethystina around Kliprand in the Southern part of the area.
This is a difficult one to grow. I lose them during the first winter resting period and try to water them lightly during winter now. It is said that the var. amethystina is more easy but I have the same problems there. It is very strange because I have no problems with the Argyroderma's in the same region. Pictures from my own plants are very young specimens.

kaartdivergens zaden

Lithops divergens var. divergens L. Bolus (1934)

divergens ian
Lithops divergens copyright Ian Nartowicz

divergens ian PVB
Lithops divergens ex PVB Coastal form copyright Ian Nartowicz
lithops divergens C 270

Lithops divergens C 270 ex Mesa Garden

divergens BM 7941

Lithops divergens BM 7941 Arizona ex Mesa Garden

Lithops divergens var. amethystina (de Boer) (1971)
divergens amethystina

Lithops divergens. var amethystina  copyright Ian Nartowicz
divergens amethystina SH 1323

Lithops divergens var amethystina SH 1323 ex Mesa Garden
lithops divergens jakkalskoppie

Lithops divergens Jakkalskoppie ex Mesa Garden