Lithops comptonii L.Bolus (1930)

Type location is near Farm Sterkfontijn at the Bonteberg 50 km ENE of Ceres. comptonii v. weberi is the
Northern aspect of this species 100 km to the North. It is surprising that there are no colonies in between yet (?)

This species is somewhat difficult to cultivate. Be careful with watering but they simply die if you do not water. Never sow together with other species in one pot. There is a striking resemblance between L. otzeniana and the var. weberii.

Lithops comptonii subsp. comptonii var. comptonii L.Bolus (1930)

Lithops comptonii C 125
Lithops comptonii C 125 50 km ENE of Ceres

lithops comptonii C 377
C 377
Lithops comptonii C 377      september picture april picture of the same plant

Lithops comptonii. subsp. comptonii var. weberi (Nel) Cole (1940)
Lithops comptonii weberi C 347
Lithopscomptonii var weberi C 347 70 km SSW Calvinia
Lithops comptonii weberi SH 387
Lithops comptonii var weberi SH 387home