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This site is dedicated to the in my eyes most interesting succulents plants in the world.  The combination of the simple beauty combined with the wonderful adaptation to the arid climate of South Africa end Namibia made them my plants of choice. The fact that these little plants can be grown in a glasshouse in a wet climate like that of Holland and the availability of a lot of seeds (and plants) from many sources made my choice a lot easier.
On this website I have gathered information out of books and from the internet together for easy acces. There is a list of links and books which are the source of most my knowledge.


Field numbers Field numbers of Desmond T. Cole, Stephen Hammer, Stephen Brack, Petr Pavelka, Jaroslav Ullmann and others
seed pictures extreme macro photo's including correlation investigation between DNA-results and seed forms
Seedlingpictures between 20 and 200 days
Lithops speciesdistibution/seeds/pictures
cultivars These days an never ending adventure
"Fake" Lithops Some Mesembs are Lithops look-a-like
sites and books A source to information world wide
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Growing Lithops
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For saleMy surplus seedlings also exchange possible


extra: pictures of my Adromischus

New  pictures 2020

Lithops paseudotruncatella var. riehmerae 'Green Ivory'
Lithops vallis-mariae C 166
Lithops aucampiae C 366
Lthops aucampiae var. koelemannii C 256
Lithops bromfieldii var. menellii Raaswater
Lithops hallii C 142A
Lithops hallii C 135 brown form
Lithops schwantesii var. marthae C 148
Lithops schwantesii Kunjas
Lithops schwantesii var. urikosensis C 211
Lithops marmorata var. elisae Blesberg Mine
Lithops hallii SH 1533A
Lithops gesinae var. annae C 078
Lithops lesliei 'Albinica'open window selection
Lithops psudotruncatella C 099 mundtii form
Lithops schwantesi C 184 'guilmi form'
Lithops pseudotruncatell var. riemerae C 097 bloem
Lithops steneckiana bloem
Lithops gracildelineata C 374 bloem
Lithops aucampiae subsp. euniceae var. fluminalis C 054
Lithops hookeri var. subfenestrata C 156
Lithops otzeniana "Czeski's Granat"

Lithops comptonii var. weberi C 126
Lithops comptonii C 377
Lithops divergens amythistina C 356